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The Webley Twizzle Project is a new instrumental parlor folk trio based in Central Virginia. TWTP plays both modern and traditional music, with enough swing, rags, novelty and original music thrown in to bring a classy and smooth musical experience to any stage or sitting room.


Tune hunters Bruce Carveth (English concertina), Michael Giordano (guitar and fiddle) and Pete Marshall (octave mandolin) are veterans of central Virginia’s trad music scene. And with extensive experience in music from around the world, The Webley Twizzle Project is a bold effort to take acoustic music, from anywhere at all, and fashion a new sound for a unique blend of musical instruments. It’s the best of Celtic and American traditional music mixed with original pieces, polyethnic dance tunes, and the odd melody from Randy Newman’s film scores, ragtime composer James Scott, 50s crooner Dean Martin or iconic Irish harpist Turlough O’Carolan. 


In spring and summer 2022, TWTP completed a program of 7 free pop-up concerts in the downtown corridor of Charlottesville. The tour was a celebration of street music in the public square and was sponsored by 91.1 FM WTJU Charlottesville. Street artists at their core, they continue to meet audiences where they are to raise money for charity whenever time and weather permit.

Bruce Carveth

Michael Giordano

Pete Marshall

The Webley Twizzle Project at The Offbeat Roadhouse
The Webley Twizzle 5 minute Sampler
The Webley Twizzle Project's Limberjacks - a hit at fairs and farmer's markets!
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